At Play Smart, we believe that developing good hygiene skills in childhood will set the stage for good hygiene habits as an adult. The following information portrays our best efforts to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your child.

Changing Shoes

At Play Smart, upon entering our daycare, children change from outdoor to indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are typically slip-on, rubber-soled, or canvas shoes. Croc style shoes work well because the ventilation system eliminates sweating.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is extremely important for good hygiene. Dirty hands are a major transmitter of germs. At Play Smart, children wash their hands several times a day:

When they arrive
Before and after their meals or food activities
After an outside play
Before and after playing with sensory materials
After toileting or diapering
After sneezing or blowing their nose
Any time hands appear dirty

To help children wash their hands for a good period of time, we encourage them to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Adult Hygiene

Adults in our daycare wash their hands at times listed above as well as:

Before and after handling food
After diapering or assisting with toileting
After wiping noses
After cleaning up spills


At Play Smart, we change diapers in a designated semi-private area where food handling is not permitted. The surface is flat, non-porous and free of cracks to reduce the contamination of surfaces that will come into contact with children. Teachers wear gloves to reduce hand contamination and wash their hands thoroughly immediately after. Children are also asked to wash their hands after every diaper change. The diaper area is disinfected after every use.

Changing Clothes

Getting dressed is an important skill for children to learn. At Play Smart, children change into clean pajamas for their afternoon naps. Changing into pajamas creates an opportunity to practice regularly getting dressed, allows children to sleep in a clean environment, builds their confidence, and gives them a sense of achievement.


It is almost impossible to maintain a germ-free environment all the time, however one of the most important steps in reducing the spread of infectious diseases is cleaning and sanitizing surfaces on a regular basis.

We make a disinfecting solution daily (one tablespoon of bleach in one quart of water). For light cleaning we use natural disinfectant such as vinegar and tea tree oil mixed with water and equipment. Toys that cannot be washed and sanitized will not be used in our child care.

Our Facility

Our facility is organized into seven different play centers designed to foster maximum growth and development in each specific area. Our well-arranged environment will enhance children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. We believe that well-arranged environment will enhance children’s development through learning and play.

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Our Curriculum

Play Smart offers Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum, a nationally recognized curriculum serving preschools, centers and family child care for over 30 years. This curriculum is aligned with the Development Continuum of the Experience Early Learning Skills

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